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I made a mistake on my order. Help!

Do your clothes look like they do in the pictures?


Which payment methods do you accept?

Is your payment processor secure?

What about taxes and customs duties?


How long does delivery take?

How long does it take to dispatch items?

Do you guarantee your shipping times?

Is shipping tracked?

Why does shipping take such a long time?

How much does premium express shipping cost?

Why is premium express shipping charged per item? I have multiple items in my order - can't you just put them all together in one package?

Where's my stuff? Can I track my order?

My order still doesn't have a tracking number! Help!

I've tracked my order, but there's nothing showing. What gives?

When should I get in touch if I haven't received my stuff?


Can I exchange items?

Can I get a refund if I am not happy?

Where do I need to send returns?

Who has to pay for returns?

Do I need to send returns with a tracked service?


Where are you located?

Can I call you?

Why can't I find a phone number for you?

What's your story?

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